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Can you change operator within 24 hours?

Can you change operator within 24 hours?

Big news hitting the front of the bills: With the new government provisions, it will be possible to change the power operator in just 24 hours. Reducing the timing is one of the demands of the European Union, by a decree implemented by Italy in 2021.

The Energy, Networks and Environment Authority has drawn up a plan to ensure, as requested by Europe and as implemented by Italy, the possibility ofI change the power driver within 24 hours. However, the time frames for the implementation of this decree are very long: it is believed that it will only be possible from January 1, 2026. Let us explore this issue together in the following paragraphs.

Power Trigger Change: How do we do it now?


Let’s see how this is possible now Changing power operator in Italy. To change the operator and make the change effective, the application must be submitted within the day tenth of the previous monthwhile the effective date of the new supply contract is usually The first day of the month. However, in some cases, the date of changing the resource may be different, but these are exceptions.

Operator change: when could it happen on what day?

Let’s see what two states he was in Transfer power actuator It can happen any day of the month. In detail it can happen when:

  • Contract transfer with switching and signing of a new supply contract with the end customer after activating last resort services, but also termination of transmission and transfer contracts due to user default.
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What does EU law require?

But what should Italy do? comply with new legislation? According to Directive 2019/244, thanks to the increasing diffusion of information technologies, by 2026 it should generally be possible to complete the technical procedure for switching suppliers within 24 hours, on any working day.

What will be the role of smart meters?

Billing account

Now let’s see what it will be The role of smart meters in speeding up traffic from the operator. In fact, the directive states that Italians are more frequent adopters of this type of operator. These enable electricity consumption data to be recorded and made available.