Sunday, July 21, 2024

Calls end on July 12th.


The last day to contact the Revenue Agency regarding the tax credit for investments made in ZES Southern Consolidated Companies is the deadline of July 12, 2024.

in ExpirationI July 12, 2024Tax Credit Related Communications six (special economic zone) South only.

Relief is available for businesses to: Investments relating to the period covered Between January 1 and November 15, 2024. Businesses will be able to get up to 50 percent credit for the purchase of capital goods.

To contact the Revenue Agency, you must use the appropriate form. model To download from Corporate portal.

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ZES Unica Sud Tax Credit: Contact expires on July 12, 2024

the Contact the Revenue Agency Regarding the tax credit for investments made in the South ZES must be sent by Expires July 12, 2024.

It is available for companies. 1.8 billion euroswhich became available under the Executive Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance that brought into effect the provisions of the so-called Southern Decree.

I Credit Taxwhich is determined based on various factors including the location of the company’s headquarters, can reach Up to 50 percent.

Relief is available for expenses incurred. Between January 1 and November 15, 2024Expenses must be certified by an auditor.

The new single Southern Special Economic Zone, which merged the previous Special Economic Zones starting from January 1, includes the following areas:

  • Abruzzo;
  • Basilicata;
  • Calabria;
  • Campania;
  • Molise.
  • Puglia;
  • Sicily;
  • Sardinia.
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To get the benefits you must have your own benefits. Operations Headquarters in the Regions referred to and make investments ranging from 200,000 euros to 100 million euros (for agricultural companies, the limits differ).

To apply you must usespecific modelwhich is made available by the Revenue Agency on the corporate portal.

Tax Credit ZES Unica Sud: How to send the communication

The report must be sent to the Revenue Agency using the approved form with Saved June 11th.

Interested parties should follow appropriate procedures. Assembly instructions, Approved with model And make it available on the same page of the financial management portal dedicated to relief.

I model Consists of Book front And after that Plates.

In the Book front Present:

  • Information relating to the processing of personal data;
  • Data of the beneficiary company and any subsequent company in the event of extraordinary transactions;
  • Data of the representative signing the report;
  • Waive credit required;
  • Declaration instead of acknowledgment.

I Squares A to E, It must be completed by entering the following information:

  • In the Image A Investment project data and tax exemption data must be indicated;
  • In the Quadro B Information about the production structure;
  • In the Quadro C List of persons subject to anti-mafia checks;
  • In the Quadro D List of other benefits granted or required (also taking into account the minimum level of assistance);
  • In the E-board Details of received electronic invoices and certificate.

The appropriate form must be used to complete the form. Programming.

After communication, within the next five daysThe Revenue Agency will provide a receipt. Take charge (or possible lose).

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The Revenue Agency itself has set out the conditions that will determine the rejection and has confirmed that if the report is sent in the four days prior to the deadline and is rejected, it can be send it again within the next five calendar days in this manner right on time.


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