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Callisto Protocol is a 'Quad A' game, release period revealed -

Callisto Protocol is a ‘Quad A’ game, release period revealed –

From the financial contacts of Krafton, the South Korean publisher of PUBG, we have become aware of some information regarding Callisto Protocolpublished by the same company, which refers to the game in question as a Production “Quartet A”With exit period Which looks closer than expected to be put into place in the second half of 2022.

More information about the Callisto Protocol will arrive on May 24, with a gameplay trailer which will instead be released in June 2022, likely within the Summer Games Festival.

Callisto Protocol, the first screenshot of the game

The game’s release period, according to Crafton, is currently set Second half of 2022 It is therefore a period sooner than one might imagine, considering that nothing has been seen for the game so far other than the first presentation with a cinematic clip.

The publisher, for the new game in development at the Striking Distance team of Glen Schofield (author of Dead Space), aims to “experience horror of the highest quality”, with Unique Mechanisms of Action, it seems. As the AAAA game considers it, to better understand how it is produced at the highest level, even if the definition continues to make no sense, from the point of view of terminology associated with development.

Yesterday we saw some new images of The Callisto Protocol, which presents itself as the cover game for the new version of Game Informer.

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