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Callie Rodriguez, the first woman on the moon in a NASA picture book

Callie Rodriguez, the first woman on the moon in a NASA picture book


he is called Callie Rodriguez The first woman on the moon is the protagonist of her digital and interactive graphic novel NASA To inspire the next generation of astronauts. Determined to make her dreams come true, Callie faces an adventurous journey with the help of the robot Rt, who has an uncanny personality and a strong sense of humor. The first episode of ‘First Woman’ series, ‘Dream to Reality’ narrates the path that leads Callie to become the first woman on the moon starting from her childhood dreams.

Callie is a fictional character, but inspired by real women astronauts who made history, such as Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman in space), Mai C. Jemison (the first black woman in space) and Peggy Whitson (the first woman to command the International Space Station).

The story can also be listened to in the form of a podcast or experienced in an engaging way thanks to the app that allows you to explore life-size story environments and 3D objects, as well as learn about techniques that will help Cali and the real bodily and bone astronauts to survive on the moon. Then there are videos, games, and challenges to actually get involved in the mission.

credit: NASA

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