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Calabresi nel Mondo board created, here are the names of the members

Catanzaro – The Calabria Region established the Consultation of the Calabrians in the World (by Decree No. 93 of October 20, 2022). The body, as stated in the resolution, “gives centrality to all initiatives aimed at disseminating knowledge of Italian culture, with particular reference to the culture of Calabria, as a tool for preserving the cultural identity of the land of origin, giving special consideration to information and communication activities on historical, economic, social and touristic realities.” and culture of Calabria.

Battista Lesser, resident of the Hexa for many years, and Professor of Italian at the University of Picardie in the Italian Department, has been nominated among the new members of the Council of France. For Liserre, the creation of the Council of Calabrians of the World “represents an indispensable tool for the dissemination of Calabrian culture in the world through the support of Italian embassies, consulates and institutes of culture, so that we can create opportunities for the development and promotion of our region at the cultural and tourism level”. This body is also “a fundamental opportunity to build a necessary bridge for the return of Calabrian citizens around the world. Thanks to our experience abroad, we can be an important resource for our land”.

The President of the Territory issues a decree establishing the Regional Council of Calabria Abroad as follows:

The head of the regional council or his designee to chair it;

A representative proposed by associations located in Calabria and registered in the register referred to in Article 11: roco ring;

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Representatives referred to by associations located in Italian territory and registered in the Register in accordance with Article 11: Antonio Minase And the yell stefano;

Citizens of Calabria residing abroad, referred to by the associations registered in the register referred to in Article 11, according to the following territorial division:

Belgium: Vilardo Franca Bernese

France: Lesser Batista;

United kingdom: Mazi Francesco;

Germany: Paris Silvestro;

Swiss: Galati Antonio;

Brazil: Anil Rosaria, Bosco Corrado, Santoro Daniela and Reddy Chiara;

Argentina: Torsi Carmela, Boruto, Maria Cristina, Morgia Lamana, Marciella Fabiana and La Rosa Olga;

Venezuela: Mazuka Alfredo Florio;

Chilean: Yenisheli Laura;

United States of America: Prosco Antonio, Alessandro Crocco and Umberto Torano;

Canada: Misuraca Franco, Callea Daniela, Mazzuca Menotti and Giacomo Parisi;

Australia: Mitiga Antonio, Princi Martino, Zanda Giusepina and Maried Salvatore;

Colombia: Alessandra Morales;

Uruguay: Nocito Nicholas;

Japan: Ursara Elio

Young people residing abroad, under the age of 30, appointed by the relevant associations or federations registered in the Register in accordance with Article 11:

France: Garofalo Francesco;

Germany: I did kiara;

Brazil: Mota Plota Loka;

Argentina: Peyton Stravis Marielle;

Chilean: Cyclary Fiorella;

United States of America: Claudia charcoal;

Canada: Mara Amanda;

Australia: Fazari Natalie;

Colombia: Rua Anna Maria;

Uruguay: D’Alessandro Vitiritti Fabrizio Franco;

Final Decisions to Introduce a Lawyer as Consulting Secretary Annalisa Mazzei, Category (D) employee specialized in the field of immigration.