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He threw a cake at the armored glass protecting the Mona Lisa, and then a venerable young man was expelled from the Louvre for praising the “salvation of the planet.” The episode took place today in the Parisian Louvre Museum, which houses the most famous painting in the world, and dozens and dozens of visitors live in front of it permanently.

The episode was apparently not filmed, but photos of a Leonardo da Vinci painting spread on social networks with the glass protecting it stained white, most likely cream or cream, and the Louvre employee cleaning it. In a video posted we see the smuggler, a young man who is rejected by those present at the museum and who continues to shout his reasons as he is gone. He has a wig on his head, out of place, and pushes himself in a wheelchair he was probably sitting in at the moment of the event. Perhaps the simulated disability allowed him to approach undisturbed with the package containing the cake he intended to throw at the picture of the Mona Lisa.

It’s not the first uncontrollable gesture against the Mona Lisa in recent years. In August 2011, a Russian lady threw a cup of tea at the famous painting, and even then the cup did not cause any damage, but rather shattered the protective glass. The woman was in a state of change, and he later learned that she wanted to cut a symbol in protest of her lack of French citizenship.

No harm even in 1956, when a madman entered the Louvre and threw acid at the painting. The result of the attack by a “stone-thrower” as it was then defined – immortalized by a blanket of “Dominica del Corriere” – who hit the famous painting with a stone, broke glass and damaged one corner of the painting, was different with peeling oil paint. It took a few weeks of “treatment” to bring the position as close as possible to the original. The scribe of the gesture turned out to be a Bolivian, apparently in a confused state.

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