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C.C.  Delft, US stops transgender barrier: '' parameters inappropriate ''

C.C. Delft, US stops transgender barrier: ” parameters inappropriate ”

Red light CC Delfer. An American transgender athlete of Jamaican descent did not receive a green light from the USADF (American Athletics Association) this weekend to participate in a planned trial in Eugene, Oregon.

“Inappropriate parameters”

From 2019, IAAF rules are clear: the level of testosterone for transgender athletes to take part in official competitions 12 months prior to the competition must not exceed five nanomols per liter. This is not clear in the case of Delfer, the first woman to win an NCAA title since participating in the men’s tournament in early 2019. “Despite the excellent performance, CC did not meet the requirements set out in the World Athletics Qualification Rules for Transgender Athletes and is therefore ineligible to compete,” says a note from USA Track and Field. Therefore, the women’s 400-meter hurdles race, in which Delfar wanted to participate, was avoided. “The USADF content is strongly supported and provides a clear path for everyone to participate in the sport, while maintaining competitive equality,” the federation said in a statement. Final wish: “It is our policy not to comment on personal cases due to medical confidentiality, but we wholeheartedly support CC’s participation in international events as a member of the USAATF Group.

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