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“But Michelle the Impossible leaves the schedule”


Michele Hunziker will host “The Biggest Karaoke in Italy”, a program announced during last year’s Mediaset schedules. However, a new edition of “Michelle Impossible” will not be planned due to the low ratings achieved.

Michelle Hunziker He will be preparing to return as the hero of the next TV season. As Giuseppe Candela announced on DagosbiaThe Italian-Swiss broadcaster will host the first edition of “The biggest karaoke in Italy”a musical show that was already announced during the presentation of Mediaset’s schedules for 2023 and which should see the light of day this year. Michelle, one of the most appreciated Mediaset presenters by the network and the public, should be at the helm of the show produced by Endemol.

Michel Hunziker in Mediaset’s 2023/2024 schedule

But “Italy’s biggest karaoke” may not be Hunziker’s only planned commitment next year. The presenter should, as has happened for years, also return behind the table of “Striscia la Notizia.”. Furthermore, it is likely to be hosted by a new version of the “Io canto family”. However, the “Io canto generation” will remain in the hands of Jerry Scotti. However, a new version of “Michelle Impossible” will not be planned, which Mediaset may decide not to propose again due to the modest ratings achieved.

The biggest karaoke in Italy from Verona Arena

At this time, there are no specific details available regarding the new offer I have created. Mediaset In cooperation with Endemol. second DagosbiaHowever, project implementation work could start soon, perhaps right after the summer:With a year’s delay, this could be the right time. When presenting the Mediaset 2023 schedules, the title was announced without much detail: the project could take shape in the coming months, and is scheduled to be shown in prime time on Canale 5. Mediaset should record the show produced by Endemol. in September at the Verona Arena, with a later broadcast

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