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Burma, San Suu Kyi trial, verdict postponed to January 10 – Asia

Today’s expected verdict in the trial of former Burmese leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, accused of illegal importing and possession of walkie-talkies and violating COVID-19 restrictions, has been postponed to January 10 by one day. A source close to the case.

Meanwhile, anger is rising on social media after the Christmas Eve massacre in Burma, which the junta’s army is accused of perpetrating. And among the dozens of victims, the Guardian wrote, there are also women and children.

Myanmar government forces have arrested and shot dead at least 38 residents of Hebrosu township, according to an NGO and other media. Pictures of the massacre spread on the Internet, angering the army, which seized control of the country in February. A witness said that the victims were trying to flee the fighting between the army and armed resistance groups in the area. Two Save the Children workers are still missing, with it being confirmed that their private vehicle was attacked and set on fire.

According to the NGO, the army forced people to get out of their cars, arresting some, killing others and burning their bodies.

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