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Bubble wind star where stars are born

Bubble wind star where stars are born

Even stars need a cradle to grow. star cluster Westerlund 2 It has a very special bubble: an expanding bubble made up of hot gas surrounding the agglomeration of stellar winds of the huge stars. It is now possible to admire this phenomenon thanks to the first high-resolution image created by the University of Maryland.

Search Use of telescope data Sophia, common mission NASA e DLR, to analyze one of the brightest and most massive star-forming regions in the Milky Way: the RCW 49 . Galaxy Nebula Where is Westerlund 2.

When massive stars form, they expel intense stellar winds that can form several bubbles in surrounding clouds of cold, dense gas. The study refutes the previous hypothesis that clump Westerlund 2 was surrounded by multiple bubbles, which clearly indicates the presence of one large sphere.

Made of dense gas ionized carbon, the bubbles form a kind of exosphere in which it is believed that a favorable environment for the birth of stars is created.

By measuring the radiation emitted by the mass across the electromagnetic spectrum, in contrast to previous research, it was possible to produce a clear image of the bubble and its crust. By analyzing the motion of the carbon atoms, the researchers were able to measure the radius, mass, and speed at which the bubble expands.

A phenomenon that is experiencing a new acceleration recently due to the winds of a new, very massive star. Therefore, the expansion resumes to feed the crust and the process of formation of new stars, however, the more the bud expands, the less and less mass becomes.

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Featured image credits: Artist Submission by Marc Pound/UMD