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Bruno Barbieri: one of the few skinny chefs in history | He eats only these foods


Bruno Barbieri (Instagram photo @brunobarbieri_chef) –

Bruno Barbieri, chef and not only, shows an enviable figure at over 60 years of age. What the historical masterchef judge eats.

He is a historical judge chef, Present since the first edition. Bruno Barbieri He has just turned 62 but has lost neither his spark nor his determination.

And in his usual style, he also leads the fun 4 hotelsa program in which he travels in search of the best style hotel 4 restaurants From a colleague Alessandro Borghese.

The beloved TV presenter and personality, but his true calling is that of a chef. It is also a multi-starrer. It also boasts many awards.

But after spending a lifetime in the kitchen, how do you maintain your figure? Help yourself What are you eating truly Bruno Barbieri.

Bruno Barbieri: how he maintains his figure

Bruno Barbieri He is one of the most famous and appreciated chefs in our country. But in order to gain his fame, he had to give up something: his family. The chef is really dedicated His whole life For his passion, as he admits courier To which he admitted that he made a conscious choice: “I had dedicated my life to work and I knew I would have to give up something. I know myself, I would never have been able to become Bruno Barbieri by having a family, because the family must be taken care of, the wife must be loved every day, and the children must be taken to Mass.” Sunday, and to after-school activities… I couldn’t get my work permit.”

Even if he had a son, he would definitely want one. Or rather daughter: “I’m a die-hard bachelor and also a little free-spirited.” He admitted “But now I want to have a baby (…) I grew up surrounded by women and I can see how much fun I have with my nieces, I take them shopping… Men, on the other hand, only play video games. I want a beautiful daughter.” Who knows, it may arrive sooner or later. But in the meantime, better Keep fit.

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Bruno Barbieri’s cyclist version (photo on Instagram @brunobarbieri_chef) –

What a chef eats to avoid weight gain

In the collective imagination, all chefs are curvy, not to mention obese. But not him, Bruno Barbieri Holds the line. like? He explained that to Newspaper, He admitted to engaging in significant physical activity, especially running, at 5:30 a.m.: “Often it was still dark, and it was just me and the garbage collectors.”

What about nutrition? He loves meat, especially white meat, and in the evening he keeps it light. One of his favorite dishes is porridge, especially… tortellini, Like a good bolognese.


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