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Britain's economy and health ministers have resigned

Britain’s economy and health ministers have resigned

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Rishi Sunak, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Sajid Javid, Minister of Health. they quit from their role in the government led by Boris Johnson in what many believed was a coordinated move. The resignations of the two ministers were followed by the resignations of other lawmakers over the course of Tuesday evening, and Johnson’s resignation was voiced by Conservative and opposition politicians.

Johnson’s leadership was already in crisis by then early June The Conservative Party vote of confidence resulted in a narrow majority and after the vote, Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden resigned. In recent months, Johnson’s reputation has been significantly weakened by some scandals in the party, including those related to parties organized at Johnson’s residence in violation of lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic.

Sunak and Judd’s resignations came after minister Michael Ellis revealed that Johnson was aware that Conservative MP Chris Pincher had been accused of sexual harassment by two men, but nonetheless decided to appoint him as the party’s deputy chairwoman earlier this year. Johnson admitted on Tuesday that he was aware of the allegations and publicly apologized and said he had been wrong, drawing heavy criticism from the opposition and some Conservative MPs.

Both ministers posted their resignation letters on Twitter. Sunak wrote that the government was expected to be run “in a fair, efficient and earnest manner” and that he is resigning because he believes he must fight to maintain these standards. Javid writes that the Conservative Party has not always been popular but has always been eager to act in the national interest and that people now believe it is not.

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Later on Tuesday evening, it was announced that Johnson had given the position of Minister of Economy and Finance previously held by Senak to Nazim Al-Zahawi who was Minister of Education, and Representative Michelle Donelan would play that role.