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Branko Tower today, Saturday, May 14, 2022: Have you read?  Can't miss it already

Branko Tower today, Saturday, May 14, 2022: Have you read? Can’t miss it already


Aries starts the day very optimistic, but that mood declines as the day progresses. It’s a perfect day to start resolving bad situations from the past, especially the friction you might have had with co-workers.


If you are in love, then things are fine during the day, but criticism is likely to start affecting her, then it is better to remain silent for the time being. In health, it will be a bit stressful one day, possible flu may affect you, so try to get plenty of vitamins.


Someone you haven’t seen in a while is about to make a big sale and will invite you to their house to celebrate, don’t decline the invitation. A married couple could be in danger today.


It is possible that you have a problem with a supervisor or a colleague who has enough influence, do not intimidate him, you have all the skills to move forward, if you feel that this is no longer your place, then start exploring other options.


It’s not the time to start a new relationship with a Leo, you might meet someone you see well, but then show another side that you never thought possible. Life can seem difficult at times.


A tough day for Virgo, you are likely to receive bad news at work, which will make you rethink things in the workplace a bit, and downsizing may come soon, leaving you in a nervous situation.


I think when you’re on the job today, you should fall in love with what you’re doing all over again. If you can take a break from your work, today is a good day to take that well-deserved break. Coordinate your activities as much as possible to be able to fulfill all obligations in a timely manner as you wish. Just being organized will do that. love: You will experience intense moments in love, during which the intimacy with your partner will increase. Your imagination will make you fly and remember the old days when you were a latecomer. Wealth: When you have decided what you want to do with your life, it would be a good idea to set potential goals and try not to overpay. luxury: As you know, your dietitian has indicated a remedy for weight loss. Try to be consistent and stop making excuses to break the speech.

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The scorpion

The people around you are a little worried about you because they saw you with a negative or slightly sad face, it is possible that you do not sleep well and that they have an unusual face in you. You will have an excellent day where you will have to do group activities. Know that your experience and intelligence will stand out in your work environment. love: After many ups and downs, you will go through a phase of complete happiness with the person you love. Appreciate it for what it is worth and show it to them every day. Wealth: Engage more in responsibilities and organize activities so that you can keep up. After a while, the field of work will be strengthened. luxury: Be careful, as the presence of the Moon in opposition may lead you to commit transgressions that threaten your physical and emotional health.


Always remember that it is important to do our part so that life gives us good things, we will not always have the chance of things falling from the sky, today we are trying to take firm steps to solve some problems. Stand firm because your insecurities will conspire against your results. It’s time to plan goals and try to achieve them in an organized way. love: Be prepared, because a meaningless jealousy discussion can spoil the day. You have reasons before you make any claims to the person you love. Wealth: Know that it is not appropriate for you to invest all your savings in an unclear project. Be careful before you risk your capital, you may regret it. luxury: You realize that your body has been asking you for some peace for a long time. You will need to rest in solitude after so much stress you absorbed during the week.

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You are letting the opportunity to build a life with someone pass, all because you are unable to make mature decisions about it, do not let that person run away, because all you have to do is dare to make commitments. Try to mature and avoid paying attention to other people’s judgments, decide for yourself. If you keep postponing your plans for a long time, you will not be able to implement them. love: When you go to a meeting, try not to show your strength of seduction in front of your partner, otherwise disagreements will arise. It could make her feel bad. Wealth: During this day, you will have to make a very important decision about your finances. Don’t act on impulse because everything can go in the opposite direction. luxury: Today will be a day when fatigue and mental exhaustion will make you rethink your job. Think carefully before making a bad decision.


Don’t act like a stranger in your own home, you are part of a family unit and today you may feel that they are far ahead of you, this is because it is very likely that you spent a lot of time away from home prioritizing other things in your life. Try to make an effort and change your attitude, because your excessive pride will not allow you to accept criticism. Today they will give you some tips that will benefit you in your future. love: On an emotional level, some confused situations arise. Try to calmly communicate with your family and ask for the explanations you need. Wealth: Cheer up and stop hesitating about the deal you’ve been putting off for months. On this day, you just have to avoid signing any contracts or documents. luxury: If you have some free time today, you should take the opportunity to devote it to household chores. You will have a lot of fun with your family.

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You are not reaching that stage of realization that you suggested some time ago, you are deviating from the path towards problems, try today to begin to see well the steps you are taking, you may realize a mistake you made. Understand that your desires will not always be fulfilled immediately. Reduce your anxiety and remind yourself that you will have to work even harder to achieve your goals. love: Stop giving your affection to someone who doesn’t deserve it. If you want to start an eternal relationship, try to find someone who has the same desires as love. Wealth: Get ready, as an unexpected amount of money will enter your capital. This will motivate you to shop unnecessarily and avoid overdoing it. luxury: If you feel like your entire week’s routine is causing you to suffocate, feel free to take a break and plan a trip tonight with fun people.