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Boxing, Vincenzo La Femina is in Manchester for the European Super Bantamweight Championship. Great challenge for Liam Davies


Tomorrow night, at Manchester Arena, one of the largest stadiums in the UK. Vincenzo La Femina will face a tough challenge Against the reigning European super bantamweight champion, that is Liam Davies. This is a match between defeated boxers.

La Femina got to this point by beating Eloyan got angry In Belgium, which allowed him to become the official competitor. So far there are two, Vincenzo Belcastro and Luca Rigoldi, to invade the highest continental belt. Campanian wants to do what he wants to do Malodrotto, Trotta, and Gigliotti Failure: victory on British soil. He will find himself facing an opponent completely opposite him in style, preferring direct strikes to the Italian’s style and reaction.

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Winner of 14 matches (13 for the blue holders), Davies, aged 27, comes from Donington and is in his second defense of the title, which he achieved on 19 November 2022 against the Romanian resident of Watford. Ionut Palota He defended it on July 29, 2023 against Jason Cunningham.

La Femina faces a match abroad for the second time: the first was the one that saw him defeat Eloyan last June 17. So far, all bookmakers basically agree on Davies’ reward, but they have not taken into account the validity of the Italian boxer, capable of showing overwhelming moments in an instant.

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