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Box Office USA: A Guide to Fantastic Beasts 3 Picks

Box Office USA: A Guide to Fantastic Beasts 3 Picks

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore It debuted in the US last weekend and grossed $ 43 million. Adding this to the 71.7 million worldwide box office, the film grossed 150.4 million last weekend, compared to 193.4 million worldwide so far. The result represents the lowest introduction to a film in history, albeit important to exhibitors at a time when it is not yet easy. Harry Potter Indigenously (i.e. in North America). After all, estimates speak to more than $ 100 million in domestic collection.

In the second stage we see Sonic 2 – Movie, $ 30 million for the second weekend and a total of 119.6. Third Lost City, $ 4.5 million for its fourth weekend and $ 78.5 in total. In fourth place Everywhere and everything at once6.1 million and a total of 17.7. Finally, in the fifth place we see the introduction Father StuPlay Mark Wallberg 5.68 million and opened with a total of 8.

In other parts of the world

Batman Last weekend it crossed 750 million globally, retaining this year’s highest grossing record so far globally and domestically. Its total is 751.1 million, including 386.1 million internationally and 365 in North America. The film crossed the line shortly before its US HBO Max debut.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of DumbledoreIt is said to have collected 71.7 million outside North America, 193.4 million worldwide, -38% Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald’s crimes And -42% compared Fantastic animals and where to find them. It should be noted that China has not contributed as much as it could to both a new wave of closures due to Kovit and a different approach to American blockbusters. For the first time Fantastic animalsChina had the best collections outside the United States (85 million) and the second best (after Japan). Grindelwald’s crimes (57.3)

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Sonic 2 In 25 markets it collected 31 million, down 25% to 25 million. Its international total is now 112.2 million, worldwide 231.8. Lost City It grossed 10 million in 33 markets, 20.4 million internationally.

Meanwhile, a new phenomenon has emerged in India: KGF: Chapter 2. Movie of Prasanth Neil, Released on Thursday, grossed about Rs 445 crore (Indian unit of measurement 10 million rupees) or $ 58.3 million. To make a comparison, the latest R.R.R. 398 crore in four days. Globally, KGF 545 crore R.R.R. In three and four days. It is estimated to be the second major four-day debut for an Indian film since then பாகுபலி 2 (600 crore) in 2017.

Source: Deadline