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Boscarelli uber alles: on the European Cup bulletin board with the colors of the army

Boscarelli uber alles: on the European Cup bulletin board with the colors of the army

It’s time. It never ceases to amaze, so much so that it continues to surprise. until recently Absolute Italian Championships From jumpers Highlighted is the victory achieved in the final againstair forcesSatisfaction of his students who are growing well, healthy and strong inBeneventana Olympic Academy Maestro Antonio Forno, the joy of the pass is separate from the friend of all time (middle and high school together) Rosana Pasquino to Paralympic Games From Tokyo. Hence the active, defensive and proactive role as a director Face Campania. big design Francesca BoscarelliAfter the third team title and second singles title were posted on the bulletin board.

“It’s really nice to be rewarded in Balafosview by Professor Federiciana BaskinoThe player registered in المسجل Army Olympic Sports CenterWho raised him to the sky Marcianis There is, too European Cup. “Napoli is good for me, and after a year of the epidemic, the desire to impose itself was great. Thrilling, lively, and real at the same time,” she recalls the 1982 . class fencing Bala Barbuto In green, “in friendly land”, where you can breathe “home air”. Boscarelli does not disappoint expectations. It is a perfect performance in the center of the goldsmiths tarot.

“I had fun,” admits Francesca honestly, who started shooting Benevento (At age 12) then once a week for trips to necklace, to train with the legendary Sandro Como. From dancing to fencing. “Papa Alfonso, a high school geologist and science professor, escorted me to the gym.” Inexhaustible passion pours on the podium. Teamarmy, composed by Boscarelli, by corporal Sarah KowalczykDaughter of art who trains in Pietro Giannoni From Caserta with Mother Eva Burrow (Won the Italian title on his birthday), by Nicole Vojta e Mara NavarraPassed gold flame (Alessandra PozzoAnd the Beatrice CagnenAnd the Marta Ferrari e Federica Isola) with a score of 35-32, winningEuropean Fencing Cup.

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Reviewed in Marcianise, with the Giannone Organization, in collaboration with european fencing federation, The Fis, The cones Campania. The races were hosted in suite Smeraldo From Tarot Crafting Center مركزContest sponsor, created with the support of Campania region (with Por-Fesr 2014-2020), and methane gas servicesAnd the Leave. On the lowest rung of the podium, the Estonian team Tartu Califwho imposed the blow (35-34) on Ukraine.

Intervention of the regional advisor Gianbero ZinziMayor of Marcianise Antonello Velardiwith council members Giovanna CirilloAnd the Gabriel Amodio e Federica Porzio, The general Maximilian QuarteauLeader Garibaldi’s Brigade From CasertaAnd the Paulo Azzi, President Fiswith the deputy Maurizio RandazzoAnd the Julius Tralik, Technical Director of Fencing federations in EuropeAnd the Anna FerraroMember of the Executive Committee Matthew Autori, FIS National Adviser, Luigi CampoffridaAnd the Aldo ComoRegional President of the Islamic Salvation Front Michel de Simon, representative Caserta conesAnd the Vincenzo Gianotti, President tarotfinally Justino de Ser, President Jiannon.