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Boris Johnson, sometimes they come back

Boris Johnson, sometimes they come back

Photo by Giovanni Arminanti

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Less than two months after emerging from 10 Dawing Street, the seat of the UK government, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is back in London after a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Apparently to try to regain the position of prime minister. The possibility, the latter, is difficult but not entirely excluded. Certainly, it would be an extraordinary event. In short, how can I say, even in London they sometimes return. The UK, however, appears to be more and more similar to Italy in terms of political stability. It is singular that our country has never, as it is, always looked with greater interest at Anglo-Saxon political models, even if more at American than English models. In any case, the goal is to ensure greater stability and cohesion of the government, thus speeding up decision times. All that remains is to see to what extent England will contract Italian maladies politically. And it is clear to what extent, on the contrary, Italy will succeed in becoming a more Anglo-Saxon.