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Boquete: "A psychological problem, we did not expect this situation"

Boquete: “A psychological problem, we did not expect this situation”

The playmaker analyzes the Fiorentina women’s crisis: “From the start of the match, your mind leads you to think negatively and that’s what happened a lot”

Called by the site lfootball.itAnd Veronica BochettiFiorentina Feminine, toy maker, recounted the first months of his experience in Florence. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

There is redemption to be won with Fiorentina.

“No one thought at the beginning of the season that we would find ourselves in this situation. Partly because of the history of Fiorentina, the fact that they have always been at the top of the table, but also because of the team that we have, with talented players. The other teams have quality and work well and all of that It makes our way difficult. Then we must also say that we are facing teams that are more accustomed to fighting for redemption. Going back is bad because you suffer so much more, there is more tension. At the beginning of my career I happened to have to fight not to come back and it was an experience that made me grow a lot. But in any case it is a tension that cannot be compared to the tension of playing an important final.”

What’s wrong with the team?

“It is a psychological and emotional issue because from the beginning of the matches, the mind leads you to think negatively and this happens often, especially in some games. It happens that we have to suffer before we respond and sometimes it takes a long time to change our mentality and play well. We must try not to give the opponents time “Don’t be afraid in the last minutes. Managing the mental side is not as easy in football as in other sports. It’s a difficult season for everyone, but we must try to do it. Everything is possible in these last two games, which for us are finals.”

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On Team Viola, who or what impressed you the most?

“In general, the club, because it cares so much about the women’s division, we have everything we need, an environment where there is a lot of professionalism that other teams lack. This is also why it hurts to see Fiorentina so low in the standings that they do not deserve the current position. Lee is a pleasure to work with Patrizia (Paneco, editor) and to be coached by her, and finally a woman on the bench. This season is very difficult for her too, but the commitment does not decrease the next day. For me she is a very good coach. Then there are young players with quality and we have to To find a way to have them explode and show their talent in every game.”

You really love to provide assists, and in Fiorentina you are lucky enough to play alongside two great strikers like Giaccente and Sabatino, without taking anything from Lundin. What do you think of them?

“With Vale (Giacinti, ed) it’s easy to play because she’s one of the few strikers who sees and attacks spaces. I feel really good about her, there aren’t many players who make the moves you make that sometimes you win for me, because of my characteristics, Playing with these players, who see football as I do, is a pleasure. For Dani (Sabatino, editor), on the other hand, I have a lot of admiration, to see a player of her age, with such a desire to play and improve day by day, it is a pleasure My pleasure. It means that she can perform better. These are characteristics that are not easy to find in other players with her experience. For me it is really a pleasure to play with her.”

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