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Bonus Windows and Equipment 2023: Discount and Allowable Expenses


Also confirmed for 2023 is the Fixtures Bonus, or Window Bonus, which is the facility that allows access to a tax deduction calculated on expenses incurred to replace windows and fixtures in a home. Let’s see in the next article when you can access the incentive and how it works.

It will also be possible to take advantage of this year Match rewardsor reward windows, the incentive that allows access to a financial derogation on costs incurred for replacement Windows and fixtures from your home.

Let’s see in detail how the bonus works and for which one types of interventions It can be used.

Bonus Windows and Fixtures 2023: How it works

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It has been extended through 2023 Windows and additional fixturesthe financial derogation Recognized for the interventions carried out for Replace windows and fixtures in your home This enables applicants to purchase the latest generation and more insulating windows and doors at favorable prices, thus reducing waste and thus the amount of bills.

Bonus windows and fixtures: discounts

there discount percentage Which you can benefit from depends on the house bonus to which the fixture exchange is associated:

  • with the Restructuring bonus There is a tax deduction 50% On the total costs incurred, max 96,000 euros. The discount is payable in ten equal annual instalments;
  • with the’ecobonus There is a discount from 50% of total expenditures, max 60 thousand euros (Alternatively, a discount may be applied to the invoice, or a tax credit transferred);
  • with the superbonusHowever, the tax deduction equals 110% On expenses incurred, to be expended on Five annual installments From the same amount (we remind you that until March 31, 2023 the rate remains at 110% for single-family homes where at least 30% of the planned works have been carried out. Without this requirement, only owners of “first home” homes can apply for Superbonus “With an income not exceeding 15,000 euros and with a limit of 90% until December 31, 2023.).
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Bonus Windows and Equipment 2023: Allowable Expenses

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Windows and Fixtures Bonus 2023 can only be used for the following Expense types:

  • Insulate or replace boxes consistent with envisaged permeability limit values ​​for windows including fixtures;
  • Supply and installation of a new window including frame or entrance door to replace the existing window;
  • additions and replacements of glass components;
  • Supply and installation of blinds, blinds, blinds and related ancillary items, and their replacement in conjunction with the fixtures (or glazing only) subject to intervention;
  • Professional services, eg production of necessary technical documentation, including Energy Performance Certificate or supervision of works.


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