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Bonus for gas, electricity and water bills in 2023 have a new Isee cap

Bonus for gas, electricity and water bills in 2023 have a new Isee cap

reward Invoices o Social bonus bills, i.e. rebates on electricity, gas and water for families in difficulty, have been extended by the latter budget law With the ceiling raised on Isee: from 12,000 to 15,000 euros. Alternatively, it is up to those with 4 or more dependent children and with an ISEE within the range of €20,000. “For the year 2023, households with an equivalent economic condition index (Isee) valid during 2023 amounting to €15,000 are eligible for concessions related to electricity supply tariffs recognized for economically disadvantaged domestic customers,” the text of the budget law states. There was already an increase in 2022, in March: the social bonuses were boosted by moving from the first threshold of €8,625 to €12,000.

Invoice Bonus Requirements

The value of the subsidy is determined by Arrera, the energy, grid and environment regulatory body. Other requirements are necessary to get the incentive. One: A member of the Isee household must be the holder of the electricity, natural gas and/or water contract. Two: the tariff must refer to domestic use (ie the supply must serve the rooms used for family homes) or, to access the social water bonus, to active domestic use (ie the provision of the service must be in progress) or temporarily suspended due to arrears.

Alternatively, in rooms used as family homes, a member of the Isee household must use a (central) condominium source of natural gas and/or water for civil and active use. Each household is entitled to only one bonus of each type – electricity, gas, water – for each year of validity of the Single Substitute Permit (Dsu), necessary to file an ISEE (called a “unique bond”).

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