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Bonus and Citizenship Income at Risk: What Happens with the Next Maneuver

At risk are cuts above all 110% Superbonus Bonus and Interfaces. Together with them also entered citizenship.

Many procedures are likely to be skipped for Italian citizens. Let’s find out who is most at risk in the government’s next maneuver. All the details.

Citizenship income at

Measures at risk: bonus and citizenship income

The following maneuver is a real knot that must be resolved: There are many things to do and there is no cover for it They risk missing out on many measures. Just to confirm the current assistance to families and businesses in exchange for the exorbitant energy, In the first quarter of 2023, at least 15 billion euros are needed.

For the rest, about 20 billion . is needed To confirm cutting the tax peg 2% for income up to 35 thousand euros. renewal of state contracts, Reassessment of pensions by adjusting them to inflation ratescovers a number of non-deferrable expenses, including confirmation of assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, the electoral promises made in the countryside. The winning party talked about extending the tax peg cut one Additional discount on labor costs. Then there is the flat tax extension for VAT numbers Up to 100 thousand euros And pension interference in order not to return to Fornero’s law.

What will change with the new government’s maneuvering? Goodbye bonuses and income

here is that Total account around 40/45 billion euros. Where do you find the resources? Additional tax revenue generated by inflation And withdrawing from the additional profits of energy companies will not be enough, and perhaps it will be It will be used to fund the initial bill cutting decree of $20 billion.

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Thus, Fratelli d’Italia aims to Peace Mali and remodeling Unspent European Structural Fundshoping to get it about 25 billion. But the necessary negotiation with Europe It may take months. So it is difficult to complete this process, during which it can take a very long time Italian citizens can face more and more difficulty with the various increases, which have now skyrocketed.

To find more money then, Citizenship income should be reformulated or even canceled. You can then proceed immediately to Remodeling home rewards: In danger of wounds are above all Super Bonus 110% and the Additional interfaces. They will almost certainly skip the minimum pension increase, €150 bonus extension and reduction of VAT, IRAP, IRES and IRPEF.

Reward the new government to reward risk
Parliament, a new

In short, the next few months seem to be a lot of trouble for the newly elected right-wing party, We hope the upcoming changes and cuts will lead us in the right direction.