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Bonus 150 Euros: The Excluded

The €150 bonus will arrive during the month of December. But beware of singing victory too soon, not everyone will be able to have it.

The money has been allocated for the distribution of a bonus of 150 euros by the INPS. There is one detail that the company wanted to disclose, and that is who will not be able to benefit from this assistance.

Christmas is just around the corner and there is no better time to receive your INPS bonus of €150. This bonus is for employees and this measure was set up by the government within the Ter Aid Ordinance in order to combat the rising cost of living.

The bonus of 150 euros is specifically designed to cater to certain groups of the population who, in this particular period, are in a certain situation of economic difficulty.

We said earlier that the bonus is available to employees who will collect the contribution in December when they receive their salary for the previous month. However, there are certain classes that will not deserve this bonus, let’s try to understand who these classes are and why they won’t get the 150 bonus.

Who will get the reward?

In addition to employees, the go-ahead is also granted to citizens with Italian residence who hold one or more pension benefits or who receive a social or civil disability allowance, who are blind, deaf and dumb or those who receive benefits accompanying retirement. Even the unemployed who receive Naspi and Dis-coll (in November 2022) deserve the bonus. The list of beneficiaries is completed by doctoral students and research fellows with contracts valid from 24 September 2022 registered in the separate department and sports collaborators who benefit from an income not exceeding 2021 euros for the year 2021.

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Reward for who you belong

The importance of self-declaration

Those who do not sign the appropriate self-declaration may have many problems collecting the 150€. This certificate must be signed to prove that you did not actually receive the reward in some other way (through your pension, citizenship income or social benefit). Moreover, this benefit must be provided by only one employer. If the employee has more than one employer, he will be sure to indicate who will make the payment.