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Bolt out of the blue, what changes for users


Google Messages, let’s discover the unexpected news together: Surprise surprise, what will change for users.

Google Messages News (

Google is the search engine that is submissively activated Giving users increasingly complete service. In fact, Google is a global giant that offers many services that are not only related to web search, which are constantly updated as well Completed thanks to the introduction of Gemini. For those who don’t know, artificial intelligence is what facilitates and Half the time is spent searching.

But Google goes further by offering an increasingly sophisticated Gmail service and doesn’t stop there at all. These months have indeed been very important They achieved very interesting results. The latest change implemented in recent days concerns messaging. Specifically, what does this innovation that Google is tinkering with to make it available to anyone consist of?

Google messages, unexpected news

What’s new in Google Messages (

the Changes made by Google regarding messaging They actually started last October, when the international giant conducted the first tests to introduce a new user interface aimed at sharing content via Google Messages. Specifically, when yes Select the application on your Android device A page appears indicating selection of recipients.

This interface is available to Almost all of them are in beta. The page shows the last five conversations made using Google Messages, and then below is a list of contacts that replaces the pop-up window as new message Which is instead found in the release Previous message interface

So, if you’re looking for a specific recipient instead, just use The icon to the right of search. After selecting the contact, their profile picture will appear at the top. You can also select multiple contacts through search Or by marking the circle to the right of each list. Its novelty makes chatting easier, thus improving both Functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Feature coming soon

This also makes it easier to share content among users. Google is working to make this feature available to everyone. The tests done so far have given positive results, so those in the know are supportive but also hopeful, and therefore with a veil of hope, that The update will be released as soon as possible.


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