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Bologna Spezia: Gotti Conference

Gotti on the wounded

“There will be some absentees: Down, Ekdal, Zorkowski, Bastogne, some absentees. We have the infirmary full of other little things, today we will do a special evaluation of Holm and then we will leave. Many times and so this recovery has to be approached with a dose of extreme caution. He can’t handle it.” Loading for two consecutive days, so he needs a deep recovery after the match.”

Gotti Zhorkovsky

“Zorkowski who was the most prepared and who knows best the first division will stay in the pits for twenty days and delay his entry.”

Gotti on Wisniewski

“I watched some of Venice’s matches and got an idea of ​​his characteristics. Players have to be evaluated in their own context and vision. He’s a very organized defender, right-footed, and has very different characteristics than a Keewor and I liked it when I saw it. I hope he contributes.”

Gotti in Bologna Spezia

“I’m a different opponent than Roma, we’ll have to change something both in the offensive and defensive phases. I didn’t like that we weren’t able to create danger, so much so that between the first and second half I tried to change the conditions to come up with that solution. I’ll try to do it tomorrow too” .

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