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Bologna is the essential medicine

Bologna is the essential medicine

He read and then looked up, chasing the void. He would go back to the paper, discard it again, and complete the sentence he had memorized. Just a few minutes, a few lines, a connection as heavy as a pain Sinisa Mihajlovic He tried to subtly temper the fighter as well so as not to impress us and Avoid tears. Applause at the end. I saw a different Sinisa, understandably different.

To describe the beginning of this unexpected course of treatment, which is according to the opinion of doctors It will be shorter and more effective than beforeHowever, he used another football metaphor: “This time I will not slip into a thrown opponent“clear”But I’ll play up front so I don’t let her go“Football is inside Sinisa, and unlike illness, it will be there forever. Football and Bologna are the necessary integration of care and should be.

Senesa is not without the ball, the substitutes, the training, the preparation for the match, the tension on the eve of the match, the speech to the team, the changes, the fava addressed to the referee who has warned one of his players or to. The journalist who did not understand the shit. Sinisa is not without the victory, the tie, the defeat that must be explained. life without work. And Bologna is now the city which has become the object of a long escape, the friends of Bologna to whom one can turn with a sincere sense of belonging and with decisive and sonorous words, and with extraordinary noises.

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Silence often kills the truth. And then I feel like I have to publicly thank Joey Saboto and Claudio Vinucci That out of conviction, gratitude and appreciation to Sinisa – over the course of three seasons he has built an uncompetitive team, saved it early – is ready Contract extension for another year.

The fan with Sinisa even the newspapers suggested to the president to change the coach at the end of the season because I don’t know why I was with Sinisa, the city with honorary Poloniz Mihajlovic. Technical and administrative renewal with and for Sinisa. We have always been above all In the most difficult moments. And this is not a display of good feelings, or a satisfying emotional movement, far from it: if he only suspected it, he would be indignant. Sinisa is already in the history of Bologna, it is the present as well as the future. He will, one day, be as forward as possible, and of his free choice, to say enough and thank you. After giving us some other satisfaction, right, Senny?

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