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Bodies of three missing in Marmolada, slope found with drones

Bodies of three missing in Marmolada, slope found with drones

Kanasi – Four days later Tragedy in MarmaladeAs it happened yesterday, this morning too. Four drones They fly over the glacier and scan the scene of the disaster for their search missing. Two drones from the Veneto Mountain Rescue Squad and two more from the Trento Fire Brigade will be scouring the area where the avalanche has engulfed climbers climbing the normal route on Sunday. In addition to the drones, the glacier hut also houses two operators of the Guardia de Finanza.

After lunch time, two more bodies were found and recovered. They are two people on the missing persons list and are added to the seven people already identified in the Marmolada avalanche on Sunday, July 3. Apart from the two hikers who have yet to be identified, the remains of a woman were also recovered by rescue teams early in the morning, but it is not yet clear whether she is a victim who has already been identified or should be searched on the missing persons list. Members.

If the machine doesn’t see, the human eye does

Meanwhile, operations continue to transport the technical equipment needed for the “vision and hearing” intervention of the select group. rescuers They will return to the glacier on Thursday to do some research on the site: the ice is melting below the normal path where the landslide occurred. In fact, dust and gravel make it difficult to use drones that clearly “do not see” debris and equipment scattered on the glacier, so we are thinking about intervention with selected operators, despite the risk of further collapse.

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Rain is a help: it can clean the surface

A situation that is evaluated in any case, as intervention is considered excessive Dangerous. Heavy thunderstorms are expected between today and tomorrow, and rescuers hope the rain will somehow clear the surface and allow better visibility for intervention operators.

President of the Veneto region: “unexpected tragedy”

“We have a moral obligation to hand over the bodies to their families; the President of the Province of Trento and I, FugatiWe took it and asked it from the volunteers and the coordination desk,” he said Luca Zaya, governor of Veneto. “I met the family – he added – there is an air of sadness, of agony Those who no longer see their son, wife, brother. This tragedy – he reiterated – was so exceptional as to be unpredictable. Meanwhile, on social networks Fugati rejoices at the good news: among the missing in Marmolada, David Carnielli, a young man from Trentino, Fornace, is alive. Hospitalized in Treviso. Carnielli, 29, was at Marmolada with friends on Sunday, July 3, and was the last of his group. Other hikers were rescued, a 29-year-old man from Trentino was missing. His parents recognized him. He is from a photo taken by Treviso doctors.

Collapsing in Marmalade, a video reconstruction of the tragedy

Mass for the victims on Saturday in Ganassi

Suffrage for victims of Marmolada. Monsignor will celebrate it on Saturday at 6 pm in Canzei Beniamino PhysiolBishop of Vicenza and Archbishop of Trento Lauro DC. “I am close to all the family members – said Piziol – I think of those who suffer the pain of not seeing a loved one return, that day that was supposed to be rest, peace and regeneration in nature has changed instead. In the play, I recognize the pain of those who are left, I pray for the dead, their lives Continuing in God and hoping to find each other again one day.