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Blues music at Palazzo Chigi.  And they won a battle for the fans

Blues music at Palazzo Chigi. And they won a battle for the fans

after stopping at Quirinal by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella blues music Roberto Mancini Europe champions head Fig Gabriel Gravina, but also number 1 in Italian tennis Matteo Berrettini, defeated in the final Wimbledon Give Novak Djokovicstop in Shigee PalaceWhere they were received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mario Draghi.

But in the meantime, good news has arrived for the fans, which denies the news that was initially circulated: In front of Prime Minister’s Residence arrived open bus, in which the blues go up To celebrate the victory after the interview with Draghi: “We have win the dealWe owe it to the fans if we got this far, we also owe their support,” he explained to reporters Leonardo Bonucci.

“collective salute and Thank you so much By the government and also by all the employees of Palazzo Chigi who look out the windows and look at you from above. It was your success نجاح ExceptionalThis is how Draghi appeared in his conversation with the Azzurri and Berrettini. Then he continued: “Sport today indelibly represents the history of nations. Today you are the one who made history, with your fast races, dispatches, goals and rescues. What a save…‘, he tells Donnarumma.

For his part, Gravina replied: “Football and the national team contribute to making our country More trustworthy and respectfuland comprehensive and rich: All major research estimates the impact of yesterday’s big win on 0.7% of the gross domestic product. The blues is a positive example, a beauty message Which is good for Italy, in terms of passion and confidence in the future, but also in economic terms: the victory, with good play and a well-defined identity, is always an incentive to give our best in every sector.”

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Draghi concluded his speech as follows: “We have a great desire to live Other magical nightsFinally, with the blue under 23 also present, wish the team of Italian athletes who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics starting July 23.

OMNISPORT | 07-12-2021 20:11