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Blue Origin announces that the manned flight will be on July 20, at the auction venue


In mid-April, Blue origin It was launched successfully His missile with the capsule New Shepherd (NS-15) announcing that the next flight will be manned. In these hours Official history For testing with humans that has been assigned July 20, 2021. This is an essential stage for this type of mission, which is mainly aimed at space tourism.

Of course, compared to more complex tasks Like SpaceX That would take a civilian Crew Dragon capsule into orbit, that is New Shepherd It will be simpler and above all faster. However, there may be more people willing to spend thousands of dollars on this unique experience.

Blue Origin is the first human flight

General configuration ofcrew It is not yet known, but there will certainly be experienced astronauts to manage emergency operations. but this is not all. There is a place currently up for auction and anyone (with enough cash, as there are rumors of prices in the $ 500,000 range) can win.

The auction will consist of several stages and will start today! On the Official site From Blue origin (Society Jeff BezosYou can read the terms and try to participate. Non-U.S. Citizens are also permitted (for example, Italians can participate as well).

The three steps are explained below:

  • May 5-19: Non-public offers of any amount and no one will be able to see the number
  • May 19: Bids will become visible and participants will have to upload them to beat the highest bid
  • June 12th: There will be a live auction to win the position
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Why bid a seat at New Shepherd? Because the amount will be donated to the Future Club Foundation, which is intended for boys and girls who want to pursue a career in STEM fields (short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

New Shepherd

Flight with a system New Shepherd The engines are expected to ignite, after two minutes the third generation in acceleration will be overtaken, within three minutes there will be a separation between the missile and the capsule. At this point the astronauts can begin to warn “Weightlessness” After a minute (+4) he will reach the climax beyond the Kerman Line.

The missile will be able to return to Earth allowing it to recover thanks to a controlled landing. The astronauts In the capsule, six minutes after launching, they will start to feel heavy again. In nine minutes there will be a parachute opening that will slow the capsule around 26 km / h and then land ten minutes after launch. Do you deserve this? We’ll see it on July 20 when Blue origin The crew will perform their first mission with humans on board.


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