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Blue Box claims that "the PC community will be happy", isn't that a PS5 exclusive?  -

Blue Box claims that “the PC community will be happy”, isn’t that a PS5 exclusive? –

abandonedAgainst all odds, it has become the game of the moment. This is not a simple result, given that we are in the period after E3 2021 and there are dozens of games on display recently. Mysterious work BLUE BOX Game Studiosه It made headlines, leading many to believe that it was a secret Kojima project and that Silent Hill was connected to all of this. But for now, we only have one certainty: the game is there PS5 Exclusive. or not? In fact, the developer said: “Community Computer I will be happy”.

As you can see for yourself in the tweets below, a user responded to some BLUE BOX Game Studios posts, stating that after all, he doesn’t own a PS5, so he has no way to play. abandoned. However, the official account of the developer replied that the PC community would be happy. The meaning is not clear, but the most logical option is that they indicate that the work will reach not only PS5, but also PC. Of course it’s possible that the PS5 exclusivity is only temporary, as is the case with most third-party projects.

For now, that’s all we know about the “abandoned issue” again. The puzzle around the game is very dense and we have also talked about it deeply in our language Video, which you can see below.

We remind you that the introduction of the game has a history and also a dedicated application!

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