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"Blessed" with the new check, a very rich surprise - Libero Quotidiano

“Blessed” with the new check, a very rich surprise – Libero Quotidiano

I retired they will see”to grow“One Check. This increase is due to the reassessment related to inflation growth (equation) and Reducing personal income tax Established by the government, as reported Newspaper. So everyone will see their amount go up depending on the income bracket.

The automatic equation you created Ministerial Decree issued on November 17, It will result in a 1.7% reassessment on pensions, as envisaged by the National Institute of Statistics. “In order to ensure the timely renewal of pensions for 2022 and to allow the first liquidation of pensions from January 2022, the Institute used the equalization indicator available from October 15, 2021, as prepared by the relevant coordinating body. General statistic actuarial statistic, equal to 1.6%. During the first quarter of In 2022, the processing of payment of equalization differences will be implemented, when due,” as stated in a note posted on the INPS website.

Basically, the decree provides for a minimum treatment with a pass from 515.58 per month to 523.83. As for the social allowance, it will be adjusted and will rise from €460.28 to €467.65. A 100 percent adjustment will then apply to checks up to four times the minimum, i.e. 2,062 euros, while for those checks four to five times the minimum, 90 percent. A 75% adjustment will be applied to higher verifications. To raise pensions, until you reach 700 EUR It will also reduce personal income tax.

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