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Black smoke in the sky.  Empty other companies

Black smoke in the sky. Empty other companies

Fear in Monterodonto over the Maxi fire that engulfed the municipality’s paint factory on the outskirts of Rome via Leonardo da Vinci. From 1:30 p.m., rescue troops rushed in large numbers. Site carabiner, 118 paramedics, firefighters and civil defense.

Some reliable information. First, it was revealed that a fire had broken out in the factory’s internal laboratories. The owner, who was slightly intoxicated, sounded the alarm. Carabinieri, firefighters immediately evacuated nearby companies in the industrial area when the blaze hit. To control the fire, the streets around the barn, which was located across Leonardo da Vinci and across Pacinotti, were also closed.

“We recommend the maximum alert and follow the instructions of the police. It is also advisable to keep the windows of the houses closed. We will notify you of any improvements,” the Montoronto Municipality’s alarm added. Mayor Ricardo Warron: “Don’t go there”.

Mayor Warren added: “Outdoor activities, including entertainment, recreational activities, sports activities and other planned outdoor activities, as well as outdoor activities such as pets going out and displaying food will be prohibited.” It also prohibits “collecting and consequently consuming fruits and vegetables on domestic gardens and farms”.

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