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Bishop Henrik Hauser's condition is serious

Bishop Henrik Hauser’s condition is serious

Latest official news on Archbishop Henrik Hauser, Apostolic Visitor to Medjugorje to the Holy See: He has been hospitalized due to his deteriorating health.

So much so that Archbishop Hauser was hospitalized again, communications came directly from the current Archbishop of Warsaw, Romuald Kaminsky.

Monsignor Hauser, an apostolic visitor of a special character to the parish of Medjugorje, He was appointed to this position on May 31, 2018 by Pope FrancisA time for indefinite guidance from the Holy See.

Last spring, he contracted Covid after receiving his first dose of the vaccine. When his health is getting better Infection caused by bacteria, who appears to have then returned and was only waiting to regain her physical strength, also after a rehabilitation operation, to return to Medjugorje and carry out her mission. Instead, three days ago, he was urgently taken to the hospital and the news was passed on by the Archdiocese of Warsaw itself.

Press release on the state of health of Mr. Hauser

“The Reverend Reverend,
Venerable monks and all consecrated life,
Dear dioceses,

Archbishop Henrik Hauser was admitted to hospital on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

The Archbishop’s condition is grave.

I cordially ask all dioceses to surround the sick with individual prayer; Entrust to the pastors the memory of this intention in congregational prayer – commemorating the common prayer during the Eucharist, during prostration or the rosary, etc. May our unity accompany him, expressed in the divine service rendered to his intention, the Archbishop.

We also ask for the necessary privileges for everyone who helps his happiness during his stay in the hospital.

with the blessing of a priest

+ Romuald Kaminsky,
Bishop of Warsaw and public relations

We welcome the call to pray for Archbishop Hauser so that he can overcome this difficult moment and restore full health. We wish you this with all our hearts!

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