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Bioware teaser image and new chapter details for N7 -

Bioware teaser image and new chapter details for N7 –

Mass Effect, a picture of the new chapter in development

On the occasion of N7 Day, Bioware published ‘teaser picture Next mass effectby providing new details About the state of the game’s development, all through a post on his official blog.

N7 falls on November 7 every year and is usually accompanied by high expectations from fans, which in this case were not disappointed. In fact, in the post, we can read that the development is going really well and that the file development team The amount of work on the game has grown significantly: “They are working hard to create new characters and places that you will love, as well as some already known places that you will definitely remember.”

Bioware He then promised that when he’s ready, he’ll share more information about the new Mass Effect, and thank all those who are still part of the fan community: “We love bringing this universe back to life, and though there’s going to be a lot more than we’d like to share with you., We’ll talk about it again.”

Here comes the new image, and it’s really interesting. Mike GambleThe game director describes it this way: “We’ve intercepted some alien material coming from one of the observation stations in known space. It can only be…”

The image itself is a high-resolution version of artwork that already appeared in the catalog dedicated to Bioware’s 25th anniversary. Looking at it, you notice a really interesting detail, namely the writing MR7, which according to the most network-based theory stands for “Mass Relay 7”, which is part of the galactic network known as Mass Relay. Given how things went in Mass Effect, why would anyone build a new relay? To find out, we just have to wait for the full game.

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In the meantime, it should be remembered that Bioware is finishing work on Dragon Age Dreadwolf, which is currently in alpha phase and can be played from start to finish. Mass Effect will definitely come out after the new Dragon Age.