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Billing, these are the devices that consume the most

Billing, these are the devices that consume the most

The electric bill tends to rise more and more for Italians: here are the appliances that consume the most energy

Invoices (Adobe Photo)

The first months of 2022 brought many Rising prices Because of inflation and rising prices of raw materials. The weight of Italians’ pockets is a push Electricity and gas facilitiesusers who increased particularly and in a more than adequate way between 2021 and 2022.

In this scenario it is not at all pleasant to the Italian families that they have to deal with Extra chargeWe want to give some little tricks regarding first of all Electricity bill And some useful tips to save a little Euro. So let’s see what a file household appliance Who consume the most and how they save.

Electricity bill: beware of these devices

Washing machine (Photo Pixabay)

We all have devices at home that help us with bigger tasks Various tasks. Indispensable nowadays are washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators as well as small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, fans, hair dryers and irons. It is clear that all these devices consume electricity.

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In the house there are three appliances that consume a lot of electricity: Washer, dryer and refrigerator. According to the estimate, the cost of the washing machine about 150 EUR of energy annually plus the refrigerator from the moment it is always turned on and rarely taken out for cleaning.

Always high costs regardingdryer Its annual cost is about i 120 EUR If it is of energy class B, the annual cost of this device drops to 40 euros if it is of class A. Behind the washer, dryer and washing machine, regarding consumption, Oven and air conditioner.

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Moreover, according to a global statistic, the washing machine is also the device that causes this More damage at home Because of this Bad maintenance. In fact, it is estimated that every year in the world a washing machine causes about 4 thousand more or less serious accidents. Curiosity: In Italy, most accidents that happen in the house are not caused by the washing machine, but by wet floor;