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Big Brother VIP Secret Love: “We looked at each other…”

An eventful night at Big Brother Vip’s house after an unexpected confession from a rival: a new love could be born.

Big Brother Vip’s Secret Love (screenshot from GF Vip website)

in home Big Brother VIP Continues the path of all the competitors still in the game and waiting for tonight’s episode. Tonight some Fibonos also organized a game to try and discover some secrets of their fellow adventurers: it is “the truth”.

Also among the contenders are hairstylist and ex-Belen, Antonino Spinalbes. When his playmates asked him, Givino admitted to finding him Geneva The most interesting girl in the house. A version that does not seem to convince everyone.

In particular, immediately after either in the garden Antonella Fiordelici who – which Sophia Gael de Donna They questioned Givino’s answer. Furthermore, Gael revealed that she has a completely different feel and that she is actually Antonino’s favorite.

Big Brother Phip, Gael’s Confession: Did Antonino Lie?

Sofia Giael de Donna and Antonino Spinalbes (screenshot from GF Vip)

In the Night, Yael I got to the park Antonella FiordeliciAnd the Eduardo Donnamaria And the Daniel Dal Moro. Both girls objected to a reply Spinalbees. in detail Fiordelisi pointed out: When it comes to these things, I’m not telling the truth. When you are interested in someone, you have to use strategies”. So Givina justified in this way the alleged lie of Antonino during the match.

Yael He later confirmed that he noticed the same details: I also thought the same. playmate Edward So the person in question asked: Who do you think they like the most? say it’s you. Jefina at that point tapped into her partner’s words and revealed: “Yes I think so. I don’t mind Antonino but… I feel it”.

Then La givina added: I am a woman and I feel it when a man loves me. I happened to cross his eyes several times, we looked at each other without realizing it. However, his words now risk causing a real earthquake outside and inside Italy’s most spying house.

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This so-called new love story may in fact lead to double infidelity. The first is that Antonino Who actually seemed very close to him at home Geneva turn “enemy” Yael. For its part, the De Donna Instead, she is married and her husband can undoubtedly respond to these words of his wife.