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Big Brother Vip 2021 / Eva Grimaldi and Valeria Marini, sparks in the kitchen

Big Brother Vip 2021 / Eva Grimaldi and Valeria Marini, sparks in the kitchen

Big Brother Vip 2021, brawl between Eva Grimaldi and Valeria Marini

Sparks in the kitchen between Eva Grimaldi and Valeria Marinthe. in home Big Brother VIP 2021Despite the Christmas atmosphere, there is no shortage of tension. The arrival of new tenants led to resentment and nervousness due to the cleaning shifts. In particular, washing dishes sparked their first fight Eva Grimaldi who already quarreled with Katia Ricciarelli And Valeria Marini. Grimaldi, in particular, complains about not helping out with washing the dishes. Marini does not like to notice Eva and reacts immediately.

Since I’ve been here, no one has ever scolded meValeria replied. “It was in the bathroom. I didn’t talk and didn’t even smoke ”, Marini adds again. Valeria’s interpretation does not convince Eva that she demands more attention in performing household tasks.

Alex Bailey’s message

Alex Bailey, Yesterday, December 22nd, he turned one year old, and on his birthday, he sent a message to the Big Brother Vip 2021 house to wish a happy birthday to his former roommates.

“Dear brothers and sisters, though I am not physically present with you, my heart and my energies are in every corner of the house and I know I miss you very much. To you, Katia, my life’s teacher, and to you, David, my companion in creativity and lightness; to you Manuel I have counseled with the strength of a thousand men. In Manila with your alpha power holding the house; to little Sophie, happy birthday you celebrate her birthday on the same day as me and you Soleil, companion in adventure and art alchemists. To all who left your love in my heart, happy birthday”, It’s the message Alex Bailey sent home.

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