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Big Brother Vibe, Sully Sorge mocks Jessica and Barrow

Big Brother Vibe, Sully Sorge mocks Jessica and Barrow

The Italian-American interview from Casa Chi.

Soleil riseOne of the heroes of the sixth edition of big brother vipgave an interview to Chee’s housethe weekly format of the magazine he hosts Rosalinda Canavu

Gf Vip, Soleil Sorge talks about Jessica Selassié’s win and her relationship with Barù

OnFor Jessica Selassie’s victoryAnd the Soleil She said she was happy but she would have preferred to win too David Silvestri:

There is a small role everyone plays and they want to win. But I also believe that the real victory lies in what has been given, but above all in what comes next Big brother. What interests you as well as the comparison with the audience. Many things achieve victory, I’m so happy for Jessica. At the same time I think yes, someone else should have won. For me there have been many winners, the first of them is good… I would have liked to see David win. I tell you the truth. He was a friend of mine, we shared a lot. He represented a soul Big brotherStrategy and entertainment. I have always appreciated his kindness and education. I think he was the only one who didn’t err because of his solid moments. It would have been a great winner.

to ask”Which couple will explode first after the reality show? “ there he goes up Take the opportunity to submit a search in Jessica on his relationship with barrow:

On social networks, it is always better to put singles, so people take care of their own affairs … the couple who will hold out next sleep in my opinion? Difficult. Can I tell the Jessica-Barrow couple that they really broke it? (laughing, edFor Alex and Delia, I hope they can find their way and serenity. For Sophie and Bacciano, I’m their cupid, so I can’t help but be encouraged by their story. Manuel and Lulu seem to be in love with me. Perhaps Gianmaria and Federica, whom I haven’t lived with yet. I don’t know how to expect in this case.

In the end, Soleil We talked about Fig Ravela Based on lawsuit That the latter announced to her after some of her sayings:

But do you know what the problem is? People talk very easily about complaints, warnings, and legal consequences. Now you just shoot “I will sue you!” “I sue you!” Too bad we don’t know what we can do about it. More often and with pleasure more serious words were sent than mine, but in any case I received no complaint from Raffaella Fico. My lawyers are very calm.

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