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"Big Brother Vaib" watch episode twenty-eight live

“Big Brother Vaib” watch episode twenty-eight live

Moreover, tonight there will also be those who enter the house to stay and bring a breath of fresh air into the game dynamics. In fact, three new contenders will cross Porta Rossa and join the group: Eva Grimaldi, Federica Calm e Alessandro Bacciano.

Alex Belli returns to the studio to assess the situation with Alfonso Signorini. “With Delia there are ups and downs, we broke up really bad tonight. It’ll be a while before we conquer her…”, the actor reveals before heading home.

Billy’s farewell split the house: many sided with Sully Sorge but some believed the influencer was a partner rather than a victim. His absence surely gave a breath of lightness to all Fibonos. “I’m not a victim,” Sorge explains, “but he didn’t respect our friendship.”

Alex Bailey has something to say to his former teammates David Silvestri, Katia Ricciarelli, Jessica Selassie and Biagio Daniele: “I’m sorry, I’m not a manipulator. Outside I had another important thing to protect. I was losing everything.”

However, the most important comparison is that of Sully, who is bitter and disappointed with his development: “You don’t respect our human relationship, you prioritize the show. You ruined everything.” Despite the affection she feels for him, Soleil is determined to turn the page and move forward on her own path. In return, Signorini intervenes and wants to understand if the two have gone too far. “What happened under the covers is nothing compared to what we told each other,” the influencer replies vaguely.

Eva Grimaldi entered the house in the version of Little Red Riding Hood and was welcomed by Vippos. Time to choose ‘Veterans’: who will continue and who will leave the reality show? Sophie Codegoni, Manila Nazzaro, and David Silvestri decided to move on.

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After ups and downs, Manuel Portozzo and Lolo Selassie find new complicity: kisses, hugs, and sweet declarations of love. For a couple who fall in love, the last hangs in the balance. “I’m not in love, I have affection for Gianmaria but I still feel single,” says Sophie Codegoni.

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