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"Big Brother Phoebe" is the story of the forty-third episode

“Big Brother Phoebe” is the story of the forty-third episode

With Signorini announcing the opening of the evening, the so-called “Night of the Forest” is the focus of the new episode. We’re going to talk about the kiss between Delia and Sully, about Sorge’s announcement for Plei. But also from Katya’s words against Alex.

Delia and Soliel – Delia and Sully are called into obscurity to talk about what happened. Sully explains: “I didn’t know if it was a game or a desire to clarify, I was a little touched by the lightness of the moment, Delia tried to kiss me and I said no. Then I thought about it, at the same time we broke the barrier.” Delia explains instead, “I let myself drift away for now. Despite our misunderstandings, I’ve always said that Soleil has a beautiful soul and that Solei that I met here is different than I thought.” When asked, Katya said she was upset again: “We don’t make excuses, it was a kiss full of passion. I hope I never see such things again. These things are done and there is no problem but there is a limit, decency and humility to keep it, then Alex said to me Also, “But do you see why I love this woman? Because she’s crazy.” Back home, Sully confirms how the kiss was the result of exploitation while Billy attacks her: “You’re always ready to deny where you’re headed because of the wind. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. “

The words between Alex and Soliel Alex and Solei confront each other about the words they said to each other. The girl admits: “We never denied what was between us, we drifted and tried to strangle him and return what was there. Love is stronger, I never want to be with him. Alex, maybe there is love.” Alex distinguishes from Bailey: “For Soleil, I have a deep love, which I suffer when I see him ill. In this whole story, I’m the one doing the best I can, I’ve been the first to expose myself. They are two different things with Delia. It’s an unbreakable love” .

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Compare Katya Alex After criticizing the passionate kiss between Soleil and Delia, in fact, for Katia Ricciarelli, it’s time to confront Alex. Katya attacks, “Love is another thing. I loved Soleil very much, but she fell into it like a pear.” Alex replies, referring to his idea of ​​free love: “You also have to accept a different point of view from yours. I was with you in the sauna while you were kissing.” Katya nervously explains to the actor what she didn’t like about the kiss between the two main characters: “I don’t like those who show love, I don’t like it. You’re a liar, you can’t fool me.” Alex concludes “I watched what Sulli and I went through. Don’t call me a model. My review. I’ve never done that before.”

TV is turned off – Alessandro Basciano, Barù, Kabir Bedi and Nathaly Caldonazzo have been on TV. After the TV broadcast shutdown, Alfonso Signorini announced that Barrow and Natalie were the first contenders to escape and would still be able to stay in the game. Big is to eliminate the loop.

Surprise for Baro – After the television verdict that Barrow saw safe, it was time to surprise him. Alfonso calls him in mystery: “Let’s take a few steps back and talk about your life,” in the garden his sister he hasn’t seen in years is waiting for him. The girl was born from a second relationship to Barrow’s father, who passed away in 2018. “I am so happy, we are all watching you at home. We are so proud of you. These years have passed. Thanks to Big Brother, I find out that you look like my dad in a lot of things”, as “You have two grandchildren, I’d like to introduce them to you and reconnect with you,” says Phaedra, who hopes to rebuild a strong relationship with her brother. “A relationship we never had before. Very strong. Maybe we adults are more conscious of everything. I don’t want to abandon my brother.” Barrow answered excitedly, “As soon as they drive me out of here, I go to Makarizi.”

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Alex launch – Alex Bailey, summoned in obscurity, discovers that he must leave the house: “When I’m away from Delia I feel lost and so too.” Meanwhile, in confession, Delia responds to Signorini asking if she wants to go out with Alex: “I feel more confident in myself, I’m so glad you gave me the opportunity to face my monsters and my doubts. I want to keep to myself.” Sully doesn’t want to greet Alex who replies, “I wish I had more time, we’re just getting started. I wanted to find a balance with Sully.”

nomination – Go to Nominations and start with clear nominations. Katya voted for Manila, Barrow, David and Jessica voted for Natalie. Sully and Natalie refer to David, while Alessandro and Mirjana choose Katia, Sophia and Jucas in favor of Antonio. Finally, Secret Nominations: Lul chooses Katia, Delia points out Soleil. Katya, David and Natalie were nominated.