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Bidonto, they try to attack an ATM but are injured: abandoned by their accomplices in the hospital


They tried to attack the ATM but were seriously injured. It happened in Pitonto, in the province of Bari, where at least five people blew up, using the Marmot technique, an automatic teller machine of a bank in the Republica Italiana. As we learned, the gang first broke down the front door, planted the explosives and then activated the device. But something went wrong: two people suffered serious facial injuries, it said Tgr Puglia. Both were injured by other accomplices at the Bari Polyclinic, rescued by doctors, and both are in critical condition: one is hospitalized in the intensive care unit, the other is undergoing delicate surgery.

Police are investigating the matter: Forensic activities will help to understand whether the robbery was successful and calculate the amount of loot. In addition to the testimony of two hospitalized patients, authorities obtained video surveillance images of the bank and the area. A similar episode occurred ten days ago in Bitondo, when a group of robbers blew up the ATM of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Institute and took away 50 thousand euros.

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