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Le ‘lacrime’ di Biden e la distorsione delle immagini in tv (e sui social). È Kabul, non il Gf Vip!

Biden’s “tears” and the wrong image on TV and social media

The emotional tale Long ago made its way into the language the television, it is not only about areas of pure entertainment (presentation of people, talent, reality, etc.), but also areas of information (increasingly entertainment information). On the other hand, it has been the latest phenomenon related to new media, starting with social.

It causes inevitable and increasingly frequent pollution between the two areas at times Ambiguity in the reality story. It happened last week when an image, Born on TV, went viral on social media and was re-launched on TV (eg in Tg1, as shown in the screenshot we suggest, Taken from here), was presented as the one who showed it Biden’s tears During Thursday’s press conference, following the attack outside Kabul airport.

As noted among the first in Italy Matthew Schiavon From the University of Padova, in fact Biden at the time he wasn’t crying He was not trying to hold back the tears. President of the United States He was doing the exact opposite: He was disturbed by the interference of Peter Dossey, a journalist from Fox News who asked him to state his responsibilities and was anxiously waiting for him to be able to respond.

True, during the press conference, it seemed that Biden was already affected, but this does not erase the error (required or not) in choosing the image shown on television and in social networks to tell about this circumstance. To put it more on the floor: News cannot be represented in another way. Unless the file is rwm Big Brother VIP. Nor, In Afghanistan by Gf Vip, unfortunately, there is very little.

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