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Biden said Obama wants to run again in the U.S. election 2024

Biden said Obama wants to run again in the U.S. election 2024

Joe Biden has told Barack Obama that he is running for a second term at the White House. The Hill today reports two sources who provided information on the conversation between the president and the former president, confirming that 80-year-old Biden had already pointed this out several times in November. Last chance, at a press conference during his trip to Brussels at the end of March, he said he was “very lucky” to have the same opponent in 2024 as he did in 2024, meaning Donald Trump will continue to broadcast his new one. One, the nomination.

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Biden wants to run and tells everyone clearly“The Hill quoted one of the sources as saying,” It simply came to our notice then The popularity rate has dropped to an all-time low, The current president, believes the Democrats have the best chance of defeating the former Republican leader again. “He firmly believes that only he can defeat Trump – the evidence explains – I do not think there is anyone in the Democrats who can do this, which is the key factor.”

Biden and Obama had lunch together when the former president visited the White House for an event about Obamacare last few weeks. In addition to the continuing declining polls, another factor that casts doubt on Biden’s new candidacy is that he became the oldest president at the age of 78. At the beginning of the second term, the Democrats will be 82. The latest Cnbc poll shows that Biden’s popularity rating is just 38% and unpopularity is 53%.

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On several occasions, Biden has publicly stated that he wants to run for re-election, however, stressing that the possible intervention of “fate” must always be kept in mind. “I respect fate so much that it has interfered many times in my life: if I were as healthy as I am now, I would like to apply again,” he told Abcnews last December.

And on the new confrontation with Trump, he joked: “Try to provoke me now. If Donald Trump is nominated why shouldn’t I run against him? This will increase the candidacy.” Also, at a recent press conference, he confirmed his potential ‘Running Made’. Kamala Harris, the current vice president, is currently less popular than Pita There is a problem with the visibility and administration of political documents.

Evidence of an interview between Biden and Obama underscores the skepticism of many Democrats about the possibility of Harris becoming the natural candidate to win the election if the president drops out. “People think he has no chance, which confirms Pita as a candidate,” the sources explained.