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Biden builds an airlift to the United States to repatriate Haitian immigrants

Biden builds an airlift to the United States to repatriate Haitian immigrants

Washington – The American dream of Haitian immigrants crossing the Mexican border is coming to an end: According to U.S. officials, there are at least 14,000 people near the Rio Grande Bridge in the Del Rio area of ​​Texas. Led administration Joe Biden, Reports New York Times, Plans to deport to Haiti on flights from Sunday. For now, details about the airlift are yet to be finalized, but according to officials who heard the newspaper it will take five to eight flights a day. Departing cities San Antonio should be the nearest major city. Covit-19 will be tested for all immigrants.

On Friday, the arrival of immigrants put the border crossing in crisis, prompting U.S. officials to “respond to emergency security needs” to close traffic in both vehicles and pedestrians. Passengers heading to Mexico were diverted to Eagle Pass in Texas, 91 kilometers away.

Since the water only reaches the knees these days, the settlers easily crossed the Rio Grande. Some parents carried small children on their backs. The conditions of the river made it possible to travel to and from Mexico: unable to buy goods in the United States, immigrants returned for a time in search of food and cardboard boxes and built temporary tents and shelters out of reeds. The situation immediately became an emergency as debris piled up above a height of three meters. As the flow of immigrants continued, at least two women gave birth to children: one of them tested positive for Govt-19.

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