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Biden, Abortion, Solidarity and American Bishops: Towards Presidential "Exodus"

Biden, Abortion, Solidarity and American Bishops: Towards Presidential “Exodus”

Joe Biden (Ansa)

Biden and his position in favor of the right to abortion. Irritability of American bishops. Opportunity to take unity. Vatican’s attempt to stop. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. American bishops They are moving towards Joe Biden’s “Exodus” And to politicians President of the United States, I In favor of the right to abortion. Violation of the warning Vatican Called to avoid question, The American Episcopal Conference Gave the green light to a controversial future draft Document on “Grace Sustainability” This will lead to Prohibition of access to unity To the President of the White House. “This is a personal matter and I do not think it will happen,” Biden replied, adding that two-thirds of the lords (155) voted in favor of the document, with 55 against, 6 against. By putting forward a proposal supported by the most conservative faction of the Episcopate, the votes demonstrate a deep division in the American Church.

Biden is the second Catholic president after JFK – One of the most dedicated commanders along with Jimmy Carter – and grace has strengthened him during the most difficult moments of his life. The issue of “expulsion” for pro-abortion politicians is no longer subject to the American Catholic order. The last bishops voted in favor of politicians 2004: 183 to six, leaving the decision to individual bishops. John Kerry, Pitton’s current climate ambassador, a Catholic, ran to the White House. About ten high priests refused to have mercy on him Due to abortion-dependent conditions.

Under canon law, Biden has yet to face any objections to the Catholics’ orders to local bishops and to the two dioceses where he goes to church – Columbia District and Delaware. However, the bishops’ decision to target a president will explode equally from the leaders of his own faith, especially since many Catholics have backed his political agenda, even after blindly turning his escape to his predecessor Donald Trump. The vote also showed how American Catholicism is growing more and more Contradicts the Church of Rome. The text of the proposed document has not yet been finalized, and must be approved by a two-thirds majority in November, a year before the crucial by-elections. According to the acquired summary U.S. Jesuit magazine “America”, “Theological foundations for the unity of the Church and a special request to political, cultural and ecclesiastical leaders to bear witness to their faith.”

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Biden is not named Briefly but he spoke during the heated debate before the vote, in which 60 Democratic Catholic parliamentarians released a counter-document in which they provoked divisions between the Church and the state, declaring the primacy of their freedom of consciousness. Most cattolici a Capitol HillIncluding Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrats: According to the anti-abortion organization Democrats for Democrats only three of them have enough “life” evidence.