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Biancorsi in an iron group there will be Piacenza and Fiorenzo – Sport


Set without Fitterbee but with Piacenza and Fiorenzola. At the moment, it appears that the division of the next 30 teams from the third division has been decided. In the north of Serie B Alessandria, Pordenone and Vicenza went down, while Serie di Arzignano, Novara and San Giuliano were promoted: also a lot, for this Piacenza and Fiorenzola should end up in Group B. As for Ancona, he must find in Group B all the remaining teams from last season, thus Carrarese, Cesena, Gubbio, Imolizzi, Luccese, Montevarchi, Olbia, Pescara, Pontedera, Reggiana, Siena, Teramo, Vis Pesaro and Virtus Entella, in addition to Newly promoted Recanatese, Rimini and San Donato Tavarnel, two Emilian Piacenza and Fiorenzola move to the center, while Viterpesi should go down to Group C. Three more teams from Emilia-Romagna to Group B (which, however, is no longer Modena, has been upgraded to B), the region which will end up being represented by six teams (Cesena, Imoles, Regiana, Rimini, Piacenza and Fiorenzola), Tuscany will also contain On the six are (Carrarese, Luchese, Montevarchi, Pontedera, Siena and San Donato Tavarnel), then three Marches (Ancona, Recanatis, and Vis Pisaro), two from Abruzzo (Pescara and Teramo), one Ligure (Virtus Entella), one Sardinian (Olpio) and Umbrian (Umbrian). A group that hasn’t changed much compared to last year: two away matches against Piacenza and Fiorenzola Darda are slightly longer than Modena and Viterbo, but also two closer teams: San Donato Tavarnel instead of Grosseto and Rimini instead of Pistoia. Outside of the kilometer distances, Ancona will once again find itself in an iron ensemble, where the disappointments of the past year will be added, namely Reggiana, Cesena, Entella and Pescara, the newly promoted unknown and the ambitions of Piacenza. Meanwhile, at the conference held at the end of the season, Lega Pro president Francesco Ghirelli opens up the possibility of a new format for the tournament, as well as looking at the US and South American trials: “Qualifiers have been confirmed as the winning format, now we have to work on a new format for the tournament that will challenge the world of Young people and their languages ​​- explains Guerelli -. This is the year to change the format of the tournament, combining the tradition of Italian municipal football with innovation. We must take the best series of international experiences, propose change and share it with all necessary steps. This is part of the change that we must Be part of a more complex reform. Three assets that cannot be given up for us.”

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