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BIAGIO D'ANELLI has been eliminated, you must leave her MIRIANA / Trevisan desperate!

BIAGIO D’ANELLI has been eliminated, you must leave her MIRIANA / Trevisan desperate!

Finally, it was approved Removal to tv Biagio Danieli From big brother vip. The version of reality show Canale 5 ends here for a competitor who has already done the discussion, publicly questioning his engagement with Silvana Curcio due to his courtship, which only grew more and more after episode, with Mirjana Trevisan, a situation discussed at home before the TV broadcast result.

Biagio and Valeria Marini And the audience decided to save the showgirl. Biagio Daniele took the referee with great sportsmanship but the most difficult moment was saluting Mirjana Trevisan, who was in dire need of eradication, confirming the bond now cemented between the two, who greeted each other with a kiss: surely a story that will continue in the coming weeks and cause a debate. (adjective by Fabio Belli)

Biagio D’Anelli and the proximity to Miriana Trevisan

Often new entrances are inside a house big brother vip They especially manage to bring to life the dynamics of the program, fueling moments of great interest. During this edition, this role was undoubtedly covered by Biagio Danieli; The latter has succeeded since his entry in getting people to speak for himself, although he did not find much support from the public from home for his very hasty attitude. In fact, many have raised their noses his connection to Mirjana Trevisan After a few hours inside the house. After a few weeks, the two remained close, despite the fact that he had an emotional situation abroad that he decided to make a point of.

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On Monday, December 20th Alfonso Signorini He wanted to ask for an opinion on the person in question, trying to better understand what his intentions really were. D’Anelli was very clear in his comments, noting that he was very comfortable with Trevisan and felt great affection, regardless of his relationship outside the home.

Is flirting with a showgirl “fake”?

At the time of filtration Biagio Danieli chose to name Manila Nazarote; The choice was motivated by the lack of energy shown by the showgirl in the past few days, which is the reason for the friend’s regret. Unfortunately for him, however, the result of the vote put him in the top 3 nominations in the house, with the tangible possibility that he might have to interrupt his path on the reality show.

In the hours after the live broadcast, the man became the protagonist in a vigorous argument with himself mirjana Trevisan. The passage of another plane carrying a woman’s romantic letter did not descend on D’Anelli, who thus decided to temporarily move away from the showgirl, although the latter tried in every way to exonerate herself. The web’s opinion on the columnist seems not to be positive at the moment; Many do not positively view his position, which is considered semi-constructive and incorrect. In the next episode, many are waiting for very vague news about the relationship with Mirjana, which is known as “fake”, in addition to the ruling that may cancel it.

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He risks disqualification but at home he gets unanimous

The fear of having to say goodbye in the next few hours started Biagio Danieli e Mirjana Trevisan To get closer and closer. The kiss broke out between the two under the gaze of the tenants, and Mirjana herself said she was glad to have lived this moment of great intimacy and to finally let herself turn to him. So, after the various discussions, it seemed that calm had settled between the two of them. Entitlement to the important position of the man who He understood that he should end his relationship abroad, albeit at a distance From home, before she can abandon Mirjana.

This attitude also earned him more acclaim at least in the Cinecittà loft. If, in fact, he wasn’t completely convinced earlier Manila NazaroteAnd now the former Miss Italy appears to have changed her mind about her. It was Fibona herself who confided this to Mirjana, who, in the last hours, said to her: “I’m happy, you’re beautiful together”. After Biagio’s position, in fact, he would have started to see the situation from a different point of view.

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