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Beware of this insect that is very dangerous to our health and our environment

Beware of this insect that is very dangerous to our health and our environment

In the summer you can find many ants near our house and in the garden. As many of us know, common ants, while annoying, tend to be harmless to our health and crops. There is a type of ant that can do serious damage to the environment and make us feel very bad. We are talking about fire ants.

fire ants

Fire ants are insects belonging to the family Formicidae and are also known as “warrior ants”. These ants are named after their reddish color. These insects have a poisonous sting on the back of their bodies.

What few people may know is that the fire ant is harmful to the environment and our health. The environment

In fact, since its spread, it has also caused severe damage to plants. In fact, they can destroy electricity and irrigation systems. Colonies of these ants can cause harmful short circuits by attacking electrical systems.

Moreover, warrior ants usually attack the roots of plants, irreparably damaging crops.


We must pay attention to this insect, which poses a great danger to our health and our environment. As we said earlier, fire ants are equipped with a poisonous stinger. Although the amount of poison is small, it can trigger an allergic reaction in some people.

The bite of this ant causes severe pain and burning that lasts from half an hour to two hours. After the bite from this bite, a red-colored pimple appears. How should we act in this situation?

Beware of this insect that is very dangerous to our health and our environment

If we have been bitten by this insect, first apply ice to the sting. We try to keep the arm raised to prevent it from swelling.

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After keeping the ice for at least half an hour, we wash the affected area with fresh water and soap to try to reduce the risk of infection. Instead, we create a water-based paste and bicarbonate It is applied locally for pain relief. We try as much as possible not to scratch the part that the insect is pointing at.

These are simple treatments for grandma, if we notice the spread of infection, we apply hydrocortisone cream to reduce the effects and consult a doctor.


These natural tricks will prevent insects from eating the leaves of our plants أوراق

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