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Best wishes... Mattia Danovaro -

Best wishes… Mattia Danovaro –

Hello 10 Birthday Questions for

1 – Happy birthday, how are you going to celebrate today?

She took first place on the field training Serra Riccò children in 2014 and then at home with the family. So at best

2 – In your opinion, did Covid 19 improve us or make us worse?

2- I think that made us a lot worse

3 – Make a football wish: What do you want to happen?

3 I would like to live again in Sampdoria Scudetto in 91. I was too young to understand what we lived through.

4 – Is there a match you would like to replay or an episode you would like to cancel from your football career?

4 absolutely not. I will do everything the same way, even the same mistakes as it grows

5- What would life be without football? How can you replace it?

5 I can’t imagine a life without football. I think replacing a sport like this is impossible in the lives of those who have that passion.

6 – For the second time in a row, Italy will not go to the World Cup? Who are the defects?

6 I will say something trivial but I think the flaws are in the whole system. Just look at the professional youth teams that are full of foreigners and our boys are watching… Let’s not talk about Serie A How many young Italians are fired every year? Always too little unfortunately

7 – If you were to identify football as a single protagonist from the present or the past, what would you name it and why?

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7 Roberto Mancini. He was my undisputed idol when I was a kid. Incredible player. As a coach I think he has always done great things. I was lucky enough to be able to meet him in person. I hope to see him one day on the Sampdoria seat

8 – In your spare time: a better book, movie, good music or?

8 Musical Movies And If I Have Time I Go Hunting.

9 – They give you two tickets for a destination that you can choose: with whom are you going and where are you going?

9 With my wife Sonia, a US tour.. we’ve been talking about it for a while

10- If you could live the best moment of your life, which one would you choose?

10 Birth of sons Manuel and Alessio. no doubt.