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Ben Simmons freezes his ex-girlfriend, wants a million rings back: He thought it was forever


NBA champion Ben Simmons has sent a letter through his lawyer to British TV star Maya Gama. She wants her diamond engagement ring back: “It cost over a million and they’ve been engaged for less than a year…”.

Ben Simmons He is one of the “Big Three” deities. Brooklyn Networks Along with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving: The 26-year-old Aussie clearly doesn’t have the offensive personalities of the latter two (both starters at the next All-Star game), but the team’s Jack Vaughn-coached ambitions run through his defense and understanding of the game, He is currently fourth in the East in the NBA behind Boston, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.

Simmons has a contract with the Nets through 2025, a deal that will net him $34.45 million this year alone. But he’s not willing to give discounts to someone who, until recently, was an important part of his life: his ex-girlfriend Maya Gama., is a 28-year-old British TV star, radio host and DJ. Send the aussie to the woman Legal request for return of his $1.4 million diamond engagement ring (approximately 1.3 million euros), indicating that their separation is starting to get complicated.

Ben Simmons in a Brooklyn Nets jersey

Ben Simmons in a Brooklyn Nets jersey

Just as it happens to lesser-known people, who indulge in spite of their ex-partners returning them with things of infinitely less value, Simmons also decides that he doesn’t care for a greedy physical appearance – even in the face of a personal legacy that now exceeds 100 million – and wants his love token back again. Because the love in question no longer exists.

The story between the two celebrities officially began – after a few months of dating – in December 2021, when the NBA champ became engaged to the current presenter of the English version of Love Island. But the long-distance relationship didn’t work out, as while Simmons was busy in the NBA in the US, Maya Gama pursued her career in the UK. After all, the split was inevitable, last month, and the trouble started from there.

Maya Gama is a very popular TV personality in England

Maya Gama is a very popular TV personality in England

In fact, the woman did not return the million dollar ring to him, believing that in love it is given, but the Australian basketball player does not think so, and his lawyer has sent a warrant to return it.. The initiative surprised Maya, and a source close to her said: “Ben had never asked for the ring until now, so the lawyers’ letter came as somewhat of a surprise to herThe woman also intends to return the jewel without causing any problems.

A spokesperson told The Sun: “Maya received a request from Ben’s representatives on Friday afternoon, asking her to return the engagement ring he gave her last year. This was the first time Ben had asked to be taken back, and to avoid suspicion, she never refused to do so. Maya makes arrangements to return the ring to Ben and wishes him all the best“.

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The point – on the part of the player – is that he expected his ex to take the lead, not to force him into this legal step.. Simmons’ friend said:Ben was really shocked when she left and did not return the ring to him. He was madly in love with her and thought it was forever so he was really mad that she didn’t want her back. They cost over a million and were engaged in less than a year…“.


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