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Belluno, the renovated gymnasium of the Calvi Institute: safe, modern and functional

At long last, in the presence of local and regional institutions and representatives of parents and children, he rose New gym for the Calvi Institute it was official opened. To renovate the structure, one was needed spending more than one million euroscompared to the eight hundred thousand initially expected.

Structurally it has been done Works on consolidation, for seismic adaptation and optimization interventions To allow for a multi-functional use of the gym, they can in fact use it as well Sports associations outside the school context.

Compliance and completion of paperwork will bring Order from the structure a About six hundred people.

over there Principal Maria Pastrillowelcoming the provincial and municipal institutions, he paid homage and emphasized in a very sincere way how important this place, long overdue for opening by the whole school, is for teaching but also for associations and perhaps also for public events.

Pastrillo commented, “The measure of waiting also signifies the importance of the moment because it represents, not only a point of arrival, but also a stage in the path of the institute and society.”

After the usual introductions, Belluno County President Roberto Padrín Who stressed the importance of giving back to the community and the children a renewable and safe space to practice sports: «Our children represent our future, and we as a province are tasked with providing safe, adequate and advanced structures from a technological point of view. That is why we are implementing a program that targets schools, because the buildings are old and need major interventions.”

Badrin continued: “Commitment,” “is to intercept problems and intervene in a timely manner to ensure a Improving the quality of life within our institutesNow we will make an important intervention on Itis Segato and then we will also plan to intervene on Galilei ».

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The opening was greeted with great enthusiasm not only by the institutions, but above all by those who work and study there at the school, Professor Andrea SalvadegoProfessor of Automotive Sciences, in fact stressed that what will end was a particularly difficult year due to the impossibility of using the gym, but now things will change for the better.

“With the new year coming, the school will be able to count on one Modern and safe structure Which will be the basis for the development and implementation of academic programmes. Al-Moallem also commented on our readiness to cooperate with local sports federations.

The ceremony then ended with the classic ribbon-cutting by the county president, a cutting that officially sanctioned the gym’s revival.